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Linda's Tax Service is a family owned and operated business. We have dedicated staff to assist you with your tax and bookkeeping needs.
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Notary Vancouver, WA

At Linda's Tax Service we are your premier business and personal tax service in Vancouver WA. But we don't stop there. We also offer payroll, bookkeeping, and the ever-important notary service. Why is it important to have a notary in Vancouver WA? The answer is that almost everyone needs one sooner or later.

A notary public, also known as notary republic or just notary, is a public office able to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and take affidavits. The list is longer, but these are the most common public duties requested. A notary most commonly witnesses the signing of legal documents. These often include verifying the identity and the signature on a personal will, deed, or other legal form.

These individuals must go through a special licensing process with the state in order to function as a notary. They are meant to be an impartial witness who is not allowed to act in any personal interest. For this reason, the stamp of a notary republic makes an official statement that proper identification has been provided to prove that a document's signer is who he or she says they are.

Having a notary republic on staff is very beneficial when doing taxes and other official financial business. At Linda's Tax Service we want to complete all your tax and financial needs in one stop. That is why offering notary services in Vancouver WA is our priority, and why we always have a notary on staff.

We are able to offer notary services for needs outside tax and financial business as well. If you have a deed, will, or other document that requires the witnessing and stamp of a notary we are happy to meet your need.

Linda's Tax Service is a family owned, family operated business. We treat all our customers like they are also our family. That is why we are successful at growing through word-of-mouth year after year. Call or come in for any of your notary needs in Vancouver WA. At Linda's Tax Service we are the premier notary in Vancouver WA.