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Tax Preparation Vancouver WA

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Tax Preparation Vancouver WALinda’s Tax Service was originally started by Linda Dunn in 1997 and since then has remained a family-owned and operated business in Vancouver, WA. Shelly Dunn now runs the family business with the same dedication as her mother. Having the beloved family business entrusted to her, Shelly manages a team of highly skilled tax preparers financial professionals. By the recommendations and testimonials of our clients, we have steadily grown our company to provide not only tax preparation but also payroll, bookkeeping, and notary services. We are here to help and support the residents and local businesses of Vancouver. Give us a call today to meet with our team and get started!

Benefits of Working With a

Tax Professional

Many people dread doing their taxes; the forms and instructions are complicated, it can take hours to complete everything, and even when you’re done, there’s still that inkling that you might’ve made an error. When you work with a professional tax preparer all these problems are resolved. Not only do you save time and money but you’ll be working with an expert who can answer any questions you have, eliminate costly mistakes, and find potential deductibles or credits that might’ve been missed. With over 20 years of experience, our team is sure to bring you peace of mind every tax season.

When You Need

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The process of filing taxes can range from relatively simple to fairly complex depending on numerous factors like self-employment, business expenses, deductibles, investments, and the various required forms. We strive to provide our clients with a full level of services, friendly communication, and guaranteed accuracy. Our experienced tax preparers are here to help individuals across the board; from past year, personal, and business taxes to tax returns from different states, we do it all.

The information required to file taxes can be quite extensive and in-depth. Gathering all the forms, crunching numbers, and filling everything out accurately is essential. Some of the data we collect when preparing your taxes includes:

Tax Preparation Services Vancouver WA
Personal Information: Social security number and date of birth
Income and Investments: W-2 forms, student loans, mortgages
Other Sources of Income: Money won from gambling or lottery pay-outs
Any 1099 Forms: Self-employment, government benefits, retirement plans, etc.
Self-employment and Business Records: Business expenses, mileage records, home office expenses, etc.

We guarantee absolute accuracy every time. Whether you want us to take a second look at taxes you have prepared yourself or had someone prepare for you, we will make sure it is done right.

When You’re Looking For

Tax Services Near Me

We’re Here To Help!

As professional tax preparers, our job is to help you prepare and file your taxes. We work with both our clients and the IRS, striking a balance between helping people get the most out of their tax returns and following the rules and requirements laid out by the IRS. Our team has the experience, advanced software programs, proper licensing, and credentials to ensure your taxes are completed accurately and on time.

At Linda’s Tax Service, we have enrolled agents, which are federally licensed and able to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Along with this, we can work with an offer in compromise, which is an offer from the IRS to settle tax debt for less than the total amount owed. If you’re looking for a tax preparer in Vancouver, WA give us a call today!